The mission is to feed, house, and empower 1 billion people to live, work, play, love, learn, and pay-it-forward for happiness, health, and selfless abundance.

The vision is villages featuring Apple & Tesla tech with gigabit internet connectivity, coworkspace, incubator, prototyping makerspace, manufacturing space, event space, retail space, office space, hotel space, clean renewable energy, recycling/waste management, and food production — while specializing in
truly affordable micro-housing with huge amenities.

It begins with the Happy Hero Studio, it is two 8 foot by 25 foot Happy Hero Space shells. The one shell includes a bedroom, bathroom, work/live space, and kitchen. The other shell includes tools to prototype and create.

The purpose of the Happy Hero Studio is to create a “village in a box” and to enable us to ramp up production while refining our engineering for our 30 year mission.

The Living Space.

A Happy Hero Studio is literally a machine that can build the machine when combined with a human, the possibilities are simply limited to your thoughts, ideas, and vision.

Check out the following pages to learn more about what is included in each
Happy Hero Studio.

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